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15 November, 2018
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17 November, 2018

Mahan Air starts traveling to Iran

For a few months now all we have is good news, Iran has begun to open its doors and with this, trade agreements will be restored little by little. One of the areas with the greatest interest for tourism such as the aeronautical sector has started on the right foot. New trips to Iran begin to emerge.

The negotiations of Mahan Air have borne fruit and thanks to these will be established from summer two new connections per week between Barcelona – Tehran, there are still points to close in the agreement but it is a fact that from June we will enjoy direct flights to travel to Iran, this has been announced at the Tourism Fair held in Iran on February 9, also the ambassador of Spain in Iran assured that in the near future not only will be a Catalan city that will benefit from these routes but has ensured that We are working to make a direct flight to Madrid.

New proposals to travel to Iran

Likewise, the Spanish company Vueling despite not having an established date to start these routes has a commercial start on its commercial radar.


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