Internal Transportation Service and international flights

Direct international flight

We offer you the possibility of traveling to Iran in only 5 h 30 m in direct flight every Thursday and Sunday from Barcelona to Tehran:

It leaves from Barcelona 12:10 h with arrival in Tehran at 7:40 p.m.

Return from Tehran 06:40 h with arrival in Barcelona at 09:55 h

Or if you want another destination Mahan Air has the following connections at your disposal:

Flights from Mahan

Kuala Lumpur

Flights from Mahan

If you have a flight or transport request in Iran

Currently it is almost impossible to book any means of transport being outside Iranian territory, all domestic flights, trains and buses are beyond the reach of direct online booking systems, due to the lack of a platform for payment with foreign credit cards.

* Transportation prices are set by the government, so it does not matter what company you hire, the difference is in the transfer time.

Iran Travel can book in advance as places are often limited.