Kouhpa Caravanserai Hotel

I stayed as the caravans and travelers who traveled the Persian territory used to stay.

It is located in the Isfahan province in the Koupayeh village, and is a well-known traditional hotel with more than 450 years of life. It was built in the Safavid period when it ruled Shah Abbas I. Kouhpa is one of the oldest Caranvaserai in the country and formerly it was home to different merchants who passed through the central desert route including the Shah itself.

It has approximately 9210 square meters of space and was renovated for tourist use.

Due to the importance it had for its strategic location, every 2 months the ruler Abbas I stayed for approximately 3 days in one of his largest rooms, Shah Neshin, where he was responsible for carrying out his real tasks.

Kuhpa Caranvaserai has different types of rooms:

Sha Neshin · 2 Royal Rooms
Vashir Neshin · 3 VIP Rooms
Shab Neshim · 8 Rooms Standart
Kosh Neshim · 12 Rooms (shared toilet)

Caravansary services:

Traditional Restaurant
Souvenir shop
Conference room

Rooms to reserve

Shah Neshin - € 80 Night

Hotel tradicional Iran

Vazir Neshin - € 72 Night

Hotel tradicional Iran

Kosh Neshin · Shared Toilet - € 35 Night

Hotel tradicional Iran

Shab Neshin - € 46 Night

Shab Neshin Twin - € 46 Night