Information and reservation of hotels

In Iran there are accommodation facilities although their range of options is not very diverse. For the traveler it is difficult to find an accommodation that meets their expectations and more if requested from Spain, in high seasons reasonable and well-known hotels can have overbooking, from Iran travel we help you find the best hotels in Iran.

Iran Travel as a specialized agency is responsible for managing the accommodation of travelers who wish so that when they settle in the territory they can have the most correct option according to your expectations, we work with different types of accommodation for very reasonable prices from hotels, caravasarais and traditional houses

As a general rule, all the hotels that can be located in Iran are clean, but if what the traveler is looking for is a very economical one and does not know the area in which it is located, there may be some unpleasant surprises, more so in hotels with tariffs that range from € 15 per night

The 4 and 5 star hotels, although they have all the services, are comfortable, different and elegant, they can not be compared with the category of other countries. As it happens in all countries, the prices of the hotels being of the same category, are higher in the most important cities, and in important dates like in the Now Ruz (New Year Irani) or high seasons.

When registering at the hotels it is compulsory to present your passport, so do not forget to take it always.

Accommodation categories 5, 4 and 3 *

We work with many hotels of various categories throughout Iran, from major cities to small cities. Find the accommodation that best suits what you are looking for.

Cheap accommodation in Iran

If you are one of those who prefer a budget hotel only with the necessary, we can offer you in the different cities the hotels that adapt to an economic budget but that comply with the minimum requirements. All the hotels with which we work in this category are verified with our responsible in Iran, each of them has a private and western toilet and a private room.