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Gastronomía, valles y monasterios

Capital: Yerevan

Language: Armenian / Russian

Currency: Dram

Located in the Transcaucasia, the southernmost region of the Caucasus, its surface is occupied by a large number of mountains. The region is an area of valleys and rivers. Its territory is one of the most fertile in Europe which helped millions of years ago to be one of the first places on the planet to develop agriculture.

Time difference: 3 hours more compared to Spain.

Recommended times: The best time to travel to Armenia is from April to October, especially in the spring months.


Una herencia cultural histórica e incalculable

Capital: Baku

Currency: Azerbaijani Manat

Language: Azeri / Armenian / Russian

The Greater Caucasus protects the country from the direct influence of cold air masses from the north, which leads to a subtropical climate in some areas of the country. It is the first Muslim-majority country to have operas, theaters and theatrical works. It is one of the Muslim countries with the greatest support for secularism and religious tolerance.

Time difference: 3 hours more compared to Spain.

Recommended times: From April to October is the best time to visit this country



Legend cities

Capital: Tashkent

Currency: SUM

Official language: Uzbek / Russian

It was an integral part of the Samanid Empire until it passed to the Timurid dynasty. The region was conquered in the sixteenth century by the nomadic Uzbeks, who spoke a dialect of the eastern Turk. Uzbekistan was incorporated into the Russian Empire in the 19th century and in 1924 it became a Soviet Republic. He finally gained his independence in December 1991 after the dismemberment of the USSR.

Time difference: +3 / 4h depending on the time of year.

Recommended times: The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is from October to April, to avoid the summer heat

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