Tourist Card, your tourist debit card in Iran

If you are traveling to Iran, you should be aware that you will not be able to pay with a foreign credit card. Until recently, that meant you had to carry all the money in cash, but now we have a solution, from Iran Travel we offer you the possibility of obtaining:

Iran Tourist Card

A personalized debit card that allows you to conveniently make all payments in the territory and have cash in hundreds of ATMs throughout the country at all times. A card like that of our banks but, being from Iran, allows us to make our purchases and payments during our stay in Iran. A card that makes it easy for us to carry cash and not have to go throughout our trip with all the cash.

How does the Iran Tourist Card work?

  • The Credit Card works like a debit card
  • The currency exchange will be made for the price of the Iranian Rial on the day of deposit.
  • This card has no commissions
  • You only have to load the card with the amount you want and it will be ready to be used
  • The card is personal and safe, when it is delivered it comes with a PIN code that you must type every time you use it.
  • The card is valid for 3 months, once these months have passed it will expire and it will not be valid and you will have to return it at our offices in Iran or Barcelona.

Contact us to get your Iran Tourist Card

The card is issued with zero balance. It can be charged from € 50 to € 10,000

The card is a bank debit card, it is totally secure and comes with a secret PIN number that will allow you to carry out transactions

The Iran Tourist Card, accepts any foreign currency that appears in the list of the Central Bank of Iran

You will be able to consult all the transactions made with your Iran Tourist Card from the website or in the tickets that will be given to you in each establishment at the end of it, it will show the available balance in the same

If you run out of credit on the card and want to expand it, do not worry. Send us an email with your name and card number, enter the amount you wish to add to the account and we will add it in 24 hours to your card

First of all, do not worry, if your card is damaged, lost or stolen, contact Iran Travel at or +34 93 302 05 95

Or go to a branch of Sepah Bank

Do not worry,

Send us your card with the PIN, we will check if there is any balance left and we will add to your account the balance that remains on your card in the currency in which you entered?