Cuadrados imam joyas hermosas en Isfahan
Cuadrados imam joyas hermosas en Isfahan
17 November, 2018
Iran Travel on the B -Travel
18 November, 2018

We all like to go on vacation, many of us look for interesting places to escape a few days from work and many times we have different destinations in mind but we never really know where to go, we ask ourselves thousands of times and we almost leave it to luck with a coin, face or cross.

Btravel, is a space designed so that those adventurous and undecided can find the perfect place to vacation, suddenly that morning on Friday, April 15 through the halls of Barcelona Fairground we could see people with a mojito, a safari hat and a Suitcase, and we wondered what it could be until one of them landed on our Stand “We would like to go to Iran, Antigua Persia has always been a destination we have had in mind but we think is dangerous”, as well as those two travelers Avid for information a lot of people have been tempted to discover the beautiful landscape that Iran hides but have been afraid of the different rumors that haunt the country …

We know that it has not been much, and that we have a long way to go but we have dedicated ourselves to really reporting the situation in Iran, we believe that we have succeeded in transferring the essence of Persia to the travelers who have decided to participate in the fair.

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