plaza del Imam Isfahan
Square Imam beautiful jewelry in Isfahan
17 November, 2018
“Discover Persia”, in B Travel
17 November, 2018
Cuadrados imam joyas hermosas en Isfahan

Cuadrados imam joyas hermosas en Isfahan

Iran day by day becomes a place desired by many travelers to visit, after the withdrawal of nuclear and economic sanctions, Iran is still one of the places with a great heritage, so we want to collect the 20 most interesting details.

  1. Go without prejudice: Forget everything you hear, not everything they say is true, prejudices are bad and sometimes with negative news we cover our eyes before what really matters, knowing the country. The Iranians and the street people are really kind to foreigners, they may ask you to take pictures with them or if you are from Madrid and Barcelona they will start talking about football. We leave all the prejudices and fears in the closet at home.
  2. Forget about being in black and with a burka: Women have the wrong idea that for Iran we need to go completely black and covered to the eyebrows, we must be covered but not to the extreme, just wrap the hair in a handkerchief (of those same we use in winter and autumn), use a little wide pants, and a shirt that covers us a little beyond the waist. Men also have to maintain their reserves with respect to shorts and tank tops.
  3. October, November, April, May and June the best months of stay: they are the best months to avoid the bad weather of heat or cold. Every month they give you a perfect opportunity to know the different places of Iran, but these especially let you know many of the country’s festivities, like Now Ruz, Ashura, Ramadam.
  4. Credit cards are not accepted, it is very strange to say almost impossible that the credit cards of foreign banks can be used in Iran, only in some very specific cases, that is why it is convenient to carry cash for the whole journey of your trip.
  5. In Iran they work 2 with names for the currency, the rial is the official one and the tomman is the one used on a daily basis, the difference is that the tomman we eliminated a zero.
  6. If you are from social networks on your trip to Iran you will have to get used to not using them, as well as other web pages. Iran maintains a large censorship on the internet despite the fact that WIFI is free and floods all hotels in the country, it is not always so easy to access the web. But if what we want is to disconnect is the best way.
  7. One of the best places to go shopping is the Bazaar of Isfahan.
  8. If you travel to Iran for the first time, it is essential to visit Shiraz, Isfahan, Persepolis, Pasargada and Yazd, it is the classic route of ancient Persia.
  9. If you have more time than 12 days, plan to meet beyond the main places and monuments, we recommend you to get lost in towns such as Abyaneh, Kharanaq, Meybod, Rayan, Qazvin, Kandovan, Masuleh, Kermanshah.
  10. You have some sacred places where you have to have a lot of discretion, in fact many of these places you can not enter or you need to have a guide to access. The mausoleum of Imam Reza in Mashhad, the Fatima Mausoleum in Qom, for example.
  11. If you are a professional photographer or an amateur, we recommend Persepolis at dusk, since light and color play a beautiful kaleidoscope of color on the famous Gate of Nations.
  12. Learning some basic words in Farsi will make you break any small wall with the Iranis, not that there are many, all are very open with foreigners. Know that Hola is Salam; How are you? or How are you? Che tori; All good Jubi or Jubam; Thank you Merce, mamnun. Since the Iranians are very friendly and open people love that foreigners take the trouble to learn.
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