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Meeting with Tourism Ministers
18 November, 2018
Trip of Julia discovering IRAN
18 November, 2018

By bicycle by IRAN

We just got back from a bicycle trip through Iran.

It has been a really amazing experience and totally recommendable !! We have discovered a wonderful country full of great people, kind, willing to help you in everything … And in fact it was already revealed when we processed the visa through Iran Travel in Barcelona. Thank you for your help and hope to be able to return to Iran soon!

Kheily Mamnun

Good morning. Maybe you remember me, since they helped me obtain the visa from Iran, where I traveled with my bicycle during the month of November 2014. I was looking to write on the Iran Travel website a short review about the experience I had during my trip , but I do not see in what section to do it. I recently wrote a blog about this trip, which can be found at: Ciclotureando


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